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Small update 2017/06/06 22:00

Added our latest Amiga OCS Dentro.

Our IRC channel is active!

If you want to talk to us, please fire up your IRC client and point it to #resistance on, port 6667.

If you want a web based client, freenode hosts their own web based irc client here. See you in real time!


gibs shouted:

2017/07/06 23:06

hi guys, seems you hired a lamer...

(un)response(ible) shouted:

2017/07/01 18:23

Enchantment Under the Sea =

Wayne shouted:

2017/06/04 14:07

Nice new production ;)

Sim shouted:

2016/09/30 21:38

Long live RESISTANCE !!! =)

k.w.e / y-crew shouted:

2016/08/13 19:20

high five to my buddies nainain and 4play... :)

Anonymous shouted:

2016/07/21 07:32

Hello to RSE from RSI


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