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Small update 2016/10/02 22:00

Captainhug has been let go due to inactivity.

Small update 2016/08/13 22:00

Pmc & Tr4p was let go due to inactivity. Kompositkrut left due to lack of time.

Welcome & New releases 2016/01/15 22:00

Juen (Coder) joined us and releases from Solslkogen 2016 were added.

Welcome to the home of the demogroup Resistance

Resistance is recruiting! We are always looking to take in the right types. To join, please drop by #resistance on The Freenode Irc Network, and we'll have a chat or send an email to contact AT resistance DOT no.

Who are we?

Resistance is a demoscene group that releases demos and intros for several computer platforms ranging from modern PCs, classic computers to consoles. We have members from across the world and have been active since 1995. We aim to bring you interesting releases that add something unique to the scene, and our motto is "We do it for fun"!

Solskogen 2016 update - Amiga

Our latest Amiga Music Disk from Solskogen 2016 has been added to the webpage. Get it from the Amiga Section under Releases :).

Solskogen 2016 update - Sega

2016/12/27 23:00

Our latest Sega Megadrive Demo from Solskogen 2016 has been added to the webpage. Get it from the Sega Section under Releases :).

Solskogen 2016 update - Wild

2016/12/27 23:00

A little something m0ns00n, Fjern and 4pLaY cooked together while hanging around at Solskogen 2016. It was supposed to be in the Wild Compo but for some odd reason the organizers put it in newschool demo.


Sim shouted:

2016/09/30 21:38

Long live RESISTANCE !!! =)

k.w.e / y-crew shouted:

2016/08/13 19:20

high five to my buddies nainain and 4play... :)

Anonymous shouted:

2016/07/21 07:32

Hello to RSE from RSI

4pLaY shouted:

2016/06/24 20:09

We are to old to talk anymore :-).

juen shouted:

2016/06/12 19:55


space-unicorn shouted:

2016/06/08 22:57

No one talks anymore ? :c


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