Resistance is recruiting. We are always looking to take in the right types. To apply, please drop by #resistance on The Freenode Irc Network and we'll have a chat or send an email to contact AT resistance DOT no.

Resistance is a demoscene group that releases demos and intros for several computer platforms ranging from modern PCs, classic computers to consoles. We have members from across the world and have been active in the scene since 1995.


JagNES, 08/12/19 Image
We have released our first Atari Jaguar production. Grab it from the Atari Jaguar section.
The Spiral, 17/08/19 Image
Our New Sega MegaDrive demo, The Spiral, was released at the Evoke demo party. The demo got 4th place in the Alternative Demo Compo. Get it from the Sega Section.
Datastorm 2019 Invitro, 13/07/19 Image
Together with Up Rough we released an invitro for Datastorm 2019 at Outline 2019. The intro is for the TurboGrafx 16. Grab it from the TurboGrafx 16 section.
Splitraster+ v3 , 13/07/19 Image
roudoudou has released Splitraster+ v3. This is a tool for screen conversion on the Amstrad Plus. Grab it from the Amstrad section.